Wednesday, September 26, 2012


Humble boy, turned humble man,
Seeking out truth, restoration began.
Always staying true, hated by his peers,
He trusted in God, and overcame all his fears.

Bringing forth a special book,
Persecutions he meekly took.
Teaching truths, our prophet and guide,
For his testimony he willingly died.

We speak of him with admiration
We sing with love and exultation.

He was an example of the Anointed One,
Our Father's Only Begotten Son.
Both came to fulfill the Fathers plan,
And bring God's word to every man.

We too must spread their words abroad,
And help show others the way to God.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Trial of Faith

I feel so confused
All my life I have tried
To be your companion
And stay by your side

There are times that I trust you
And times that I fear
Times I can't find you
And times you are near.

I have some faith
Yet, I have some doubt
I wish I wasn't confused
Wish I could figure this out

Father, help me have faith
Help me know what to do
Help me so one day,
I may return back to you.

Monday, May 16, 2011


Rising smoke
Blazing through the night
Anguished screams
Ringing in my ears
The field is lined
With those who already lost
Bleeding and sore
Bombarded with pain
I stumble
A sword on the right
White flag on the left
The farther I fall
The higher it rises
Who will win
Who will lose
Only time will tell

Sunday, May 15, 2011


What do you do when your world's falling apart
Tumbling around 'til you don't know how to find your way out?
What do you do when you feel so alone that a room full of friends doesn't help?

If life's a river then I'm drowning.
If it's a rose I'm bleeding from the thorns
If life's a journey them I'm lost
If it's a tree I'm the dead branch.

Where do you go when your so full of fear even home isn't safe?
Where do you go when all you can think about is getting to a different place?

Wednesday, March 23, 2011


Noise, noise, noise, that’s what fills my head right now.

I can’t let it out; I can’t allow the noise to stop.

Other thoughts keep knocking at the door trying to gain access to my focus.

I must not let them in.

The noise keeps them out.

I focus on the beat pounding from the radio speakers,

The words that transport me to another reality,

The timer ticking away next to my daily task list.

My mind grows weary the constant noise is too much.

I sit down and close my eyes.

The noise relaxes;

My thoughts slow down and begin to drift…NO!

I can’t think that; I have to fight it; I have to keep pushing on.

Turn on the music, make it full blast.

Read a good book, make the noise last!

Friday, December 10, 2010

Christmas Poems

My friends mom is giving out pancake mix to her neighbors and asked that I write up a few poems for her to attach to them; just thought I'd share them on here as well.

Pancake Poem #1
Under the tree the gifts enthrall,
But the nicest present of them all
Is filling our thoughts with those who care,
Wanting our Christmas joy to share.
With love we give you this pancake mix
It’s quick and easy for you to fix.
Now spend more time with those you love
As we celebrate the birth of Him above.

Pancake Poem #2
Was told that you’ve been good this year,
I’m always glad to hear it.
So, here’s something yummy,
To bring the Christmas spirit.
It may not be a sugary treat
Or something ready for you to eat
But Christmas morning with its tricks
Will be less hectic with pancake mix!

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

A Lesson Learned

Ok, I've actually had a request to post this poem on here. Enjoy.

A Lesson Learned

Quickly! Get over here!
You're wasting valuable time.
Don't let her see our fear,
But her life is on the line.

Those were the words the doctor said,
The ones I was not to hear,
As I lay there in that hospital bed,
And wiped away a tear.

Dark fear was pounding at my heart,
Fierce pain took my breath away,
As I hung my head to ask the Lord,
"Please bring me through this awful day."

My life has taken a new turn,
My eyes have opened wide.
A scary way for this lesson to be learned,
But it's what I needed inside.

The sun rises every day,
The trees grow higher and higher.
Flowers bloom along the way,
A bright spring day, now a little brighter.

Take time to watch the sunset,
And view the flowers around the bend.
Celebrate each day you've met,
You never know when it will end.

-Tiffany Goodson